The World's Best Socks

The dictionary definition of a sock goes like this:

‘Hosiery consisting of a cloth covering for the foot; worn inside the shoe.’

But socks are so much more than just cloth, inside a shoe.

Socks have purpose. 

They are for Sunday nights on the sofa, meaning business in business meetings and dinner date sentiments.

There are wool socks that keep us warm, bright socks that make us happy and mismatched socks that save the planet.

And because at Teddy Locks we believe there are no rules when it comes to good sock game (and we love a good sock game) we design our collections so that there’s a combination for every occasion, personality and style. 

So, socks are great! But, what is it that makes a great sock...

The top of the sock is known as the welt. This is the key piece of sock anatomy that works to keep your socks up. A great welt can stop that annoying slipping and keep your lower legs looking on fleek. That’s why at Teddy Locks our socks have specially engineered stay-up welts.

Next is the leg of the sock. This is the bit that you can usually see. It’s the part that should perfectly compliment your shoes, suit or style, but also requires the perfect amount of stretch. Luckily Teddy Locks has that covered with perfectly blended yarns and designs to suit every situation. 

Then down to the foot, where you have the all-important heel and toe. Often overlooked, these are the parts of the sock that get worn through first and can cause blisters. That’s where our fancy Italian machinery comes in to play. Our machines knit all of our Teddy Locks socks with hand-linked toe seams – meaning there are no toe seams. That’s no lump of thread rubbing on the top of your toes. They also have a super high needle count, which means they knit more stitches per square inch than your other socks. And more stitches mean extra strength and less holes!

These fancy, super high-needle count, Italian machines also mean that we can add more detail in to our designs and produce socks with better clarity. And let’s be honest, without great designs you may as well have a draw full of black socks. 

Last but not least, every sock has a sole. But Teddy Locks’ socks also have soul. They are curated right down to the final stitch and signed off with our Teddy Locks bottoms. Because no sole is ever alone with our coordinated collections. 

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