I built Teddy Locks to stamp out single-use plastic & fight the climate crisis

- it exists to inspire small steps towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Samantha Tollworthy, founder of sustainable sock company Teddy Locks

Hi, I'm Sam.

As a wildlife TV producer I got to travel to remote islands, mountains & jungles - but no matter how far away I went, single-use plastic was always there.

So, determined to fight our global waste crisis, I left my dream job to build the most sustainable sock company possible.

Made from materials already in circulation, by family run businesses, Teddy Locks are diverting plastic from our oceans, reducing landfill & inspiring sustainable choices.

They are luxuriously soft, longer lasting & better for the planet socks!

They are Feel Good Sole!



I was working for National Geographic when my eco-anxiety hit an all time high. I was trying to live a zero-waste and (almost) vegan lifestyle but I was continually surrounded by convenience that was impacting our planet.

So, I decided to act. Figuring, that almost everyone wears socks, I decided I would develop a product that would put waste to work!


404 days in the making I was ready to introduce Teddy Locks to the world.

Having attended sock school and spent many, many weeks knitting socks I was ready to launch on Kickstarter.

Without the help of my original backers I could never have started producing seamless / reinforced / made from recycled plastic bottles socks!


I went live online... at 9 months pregnant!

Then COVID came.

And it was an impossibly hard year.


I got featured by Bloomberg & then picked up by Good Morning America.

I made it to 10,000 plastic bottles recycled!

But I was only reaching people online.


I shifted gear & plucked up the courage to showcase Teddy Locks at a local street market - FEAST in West Norwood, London.

I couldn't believe the response and decided this was a great way to get the product and the mission out there!


I've joined the market "circuit"

Introducing new colours & meeting my customers at shows all over Kent, Surrey and London.

You might even see my now 3 year old daughter behind the stand.

Thanks to each of you, Teddy Locks is still here & has now recycled over 28,000 plastic bottles!


- Designed and developed by me from my home in Oxted, Surrey.

- I knit on green certified machines & avoid 'new' materials.

- I only use 100% recycled & recyclable paper packaging*

- I donate to local organisations & shelters, & bank with an ethical, local bank.

*tissue paper, stickers, shipping labels, envelopes, mailers... everything.

Teddy Locks eco-friendly socks is a woman owned small business


Made in North Carolina

Teddy Locks eco-friendly socks are made from recycled plastic bottles


Vegan Friendly

Teddy Locks is a Green America Certified Business


Certified Green!