10 of the Best Eco-Friendly Stores in North Carolina

North Carolina is not just home to the world's most sustainable socks, it’s also home to a bountiful of eco-friendly shops.

Second hand, zero-waste and all natural - a great trio of words to describe this decadent of stores. 

So, to help you support local and live slow, here is our top ten list of eco-friendly shops located right here in North Carolina. 


1. The Regeneration Station (Asheville)

The Regeneration Station is a curation of second-hand goods that abide under the mantra of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Selling upcycled furnishings, antiques and consignment it is actively helping to divert materials from landfill.

Besides being an eco-friendly and eco-conscious store, Regeneration Station also donates to Homeward Bound WNC and Western Carolina Rescue Ministries (two local charities) each week! 

Upcycled furniture in North Carolina


You can visit The Regeneration Station on their Instagram page, or stop by in person! 

Address: 26 Glendale Ave B, Asheville, NC 28803


2. Earth Fare

(Charlotte- South Park and Ballantyne, Asheville, Concord and Davidson)

Earth Fare is a local grocery store chain which since 1975, has promised to deliver food free of harmful ingredients - such as added hormones, artificial fats, trans-fats and sweeteners along with artificial flavoring and preservatives; proving that delicious food can be healthy too. 

Fresh and organic produce


You can visit Earth Fare on their Instagram page, place an order online or pay a visit in person! 


3. Ware (Asheville)

Ware is a zero-waste store that sells its namesake- travel mugs, gallon bags, organic masks and organic shampoos and conditioners. Of noteworthy mention is their “refill” station, where you can bring your own containers, and stock up on essentials while reducing waste. 

They offer fair-trade, eco-friendly and an abundance of reusable alternatives to single-use products.

You can also spread the low waste living love with a Ware gift card!

Sustainable living store

Visit Ware on their Instagram page, place an order online or visit in person! 

Address: 51 College St #1A, Asheville, NC 28801


4. Phydeaux

(Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Cary)

Phydeaux is a trio of independently owned pet stores that cater to ending pet overpopulation and finding/creating the healthiest food options for pets. Because of this, they promise to never sell live animals in any of their stores (Phydeaux has kept this promise for almost 20 years). 

Phydeaux advocates for pet adoption and has a list of adoption centers in NC on their website

As for the criteria they require for pet food, you can be assured that there are no byproducts, wheat, corn, soy, BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin; all ingredients that can be harmful to pets/animals. 

You can find Phydeaux on their Instagram page, through home delivery/pickup or in person! 


5. Green Mother Goods (Asheville) 

Green Mother Goods is a 100% eco-friendly original store that focuses on fair trade products. They offer baby goods and clothing all the way up to adults! Many of Green Mother Goods’ clothes are made from hemp.

For the most superior of assurances - they are also a certified B Corp.

Check out Green Mother Goods on their Instagram Page, Facebook or in person! 

Address: 21 Battery Park Ave, Asheville, NC 28801


6. Book Buyers (Charlotte)

Book Buyers is a second hand bookshop that has been open since 1999. They buy all of their books second hand, reducing the waste that comes with buying brand new books - and helping stories live on longer.

Along with buying, Book Buyers also trade books, depending on their popularity. 

Book Buyers can be visited through their Instagram page, Facebook or in person - where you can meet their cat!

Address: 1306 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205 


7. The Greener Apple (Charlotte)

The Greener Apple is Charlotte’s vegan and ‘eco-friendliest’ store! Located inside Book Buyers (the above aforementioned book reseller) this store is filled with vegan options like multi-vitamins, snacks, beauty, pets and home goods. 

They also have baby supplies, which are all cruelty free!

The Greener Apple can be reached through their Instagram page, online or in person! 

Address:  1306 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205


8. Ninth Street Bakery (Durham)

Ninth Street Bakery is an organic bakery that makes everything from scrumptious sourdough to carrot cakes! They have also adapted to a post-Covid world with curbside delivery, takeout and the “old fashioned” dine in on their patio, Mon-Sun! 

Ninth Street Bakery is also a wholesaler that services local cafes and restaurants, along with opportunities to donate to local homeless shelters. 

Local bakery serving the community


Visit Ninth Street Bakery through their Instagram page, online orders or in person! 

Address: 136 E Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701


9. Green Dream Beds (Durham) 

Green Dream Beds is a store that sells organic bedding, mattresses and pillows. Gone are the days of counting sheep - because Green Dream Beds allow you to sleep soundly thanks to the conscious decision you make for the environment when choosing their products!  

Even better, Green Dream Beds are designed for you - with no two mattresses, bedding or pillows the same - so that you can find the perfect sleep set-up to suit your tastes. 

organic mattresses in north carolina

You can find Green Dream Beds through their Instagram page, website or in person! 

Address: 3401 University Dr, Durham, NC 27707


10. Ponybox Clothing Rental & Delivery (Charlotte) 

Ponybox Clothing is a rental service that allows you to rent clothing for $15 or less. Just like Rent the Runway, but without the shipping emissions - and as it is right in Charlotte, NC you can receive your clothing that very same day! 

If you end up loving the clothes you tried, you can even purchase them! Prices range between $45-$100 each.

Ponybox clothing rental


Ponybox Clothing Rental & Delivery can be reached through their Instagram page or website, where you place your order!  

So, if you want to shop local and live a little more consciously, there are plenty of great options right in North Carolina. Shop, eat, read or even rent your way to an eco-friendly southern lifestyle! 

Written by: Meg Ahearn












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