Teddy Locks Eco-friendly Socks - Now a Green American Certified Business

It is official!

Teddy Locks is now a Green America Certified Business.

It has been recognised for it's high standards of social and environmental impact!

Receiving this certification had me tearing up on Instagram. I think saying it out loud made it sink in, and helped me to acknowledge the huge accomplishment this is.

Starting a business on your own, when you have no production, fashion or manufacturing experience is brave - but developing socks made from recycled plastic bottles was bold!

Knowing that all the choices I have made to ensure that Teddy Locks would be the world's most sustainable sock company have paid off is extremely meaningful.

Because, being sustainable is more than just about recycled materials, it's about banking with a local, ethical bank, using suppliers who are OEKO-TEK certified, working with other small and local businesses to help local manufacturing and keeping the footprint of the entire brand to a minimum.

Teddy Locks already acts as a registered B Corp, and I can't wait to have the resources to officially become one.

You see our full Teddy Locks profile at Green America

Thank you for joining me in wearing quite literally the world's best socks!

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