Mother's Day in Quarantine

Mother’s Day may be different this year, but you can still celebrate with your loved ones, near or far without it costing the earth.

Instead you can show your love and appreciation for the special women in your life with virtual meetups and eco-friendly gifts.


Lockdown doesn’t have to be a roadblock!

Thanks to our closest ally, the internet, we can connect to the mother’s in our lives despite social distancing. Check out the below ideas for celebrating on some of your favorite apps:

  1. TIKTOK - The ideal platform for making a personalised video.

Why not sing along to the Spice Girls’ hit Mama, or travel down memory lane recreating some of your mother’s best looks from decades gone by.

  1. ZOOMNot just for conference calls.

There’s no better platform for learning right now – with the opportunity to join in on art, yoga and cooking classes. Why not sign up for one together and see who can reproduce “Mother’s Embrace” the best.

  1. HOUSE PARTY - Celebrate with the women in your life into the night.

Get together with your girlfriends and gossip over a gin and tonic or plan ahead and stock up on the same wines to run your own wine tasting session.

  1. TWITTERSpread the love.

Guaranteed to lift spirits, take to the skies and send messages of gratitude to all the mother’s working on the front line of this pandemic.

  1. PEANUTThe mom matching app.

There’s no time like quarantine to get online and make new mom friends. Here you can chat with other moms during this new childcare challenge.


Still want to send a token of gratitude?

You can support local small businesses and USPS at the same time as giving thanks.

  1. SHOP LOCALMany businesses are now bringing their services to you.

Why not have you mom’s favorite wine, or a hamper of deli delights, delivered to her doorstep.

  1. SHOP SMALLCheck out your local artists.

For personalised gifts, like handmade cards or crafts contact your local main street stores, explore online markets or contact your local college or galleries. 

  1. SHOP SUSTAINABLEKeep your footprint low.

Your loved ones may be far away, but you can still gift consciously. Look for Made in the USA products, organic or recycled materials or brands giving back.


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