5 sustainable brands to shop on Instagram

In the midst of a global pandemic, and in the age of technology, we have been diverted from visiting stores in person to shopping online. At the touch of a button, you can buy almost anything from your phone - including of course your groceries and an entire new wardrobe.

Making shopping online more accessible than ever are, of course, the social media juggernauts. Leading the way is Instagram. Providing both large and small businesses alike an individual shop page and giving consumers the option to purchase directly within the app - it’s never been easier to search by description, style or color, for an item you’ve been seeking.

But if you’re looking to shop on the platform, why not give fast fashion brands a pass, and dig out sustainable and small businesses to support instead.

Here are 5 brands we think are worth an online browse. 

  1. Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought uses recycled and organic blends in their clothing and are partnered with Green Story so that consumers can monitor their positive impact. Check out their page for a blend of neutral basics and conscious comfies.

Threads4thought ecofriendly basics

Threads 4 Thought Instagram

  1. Ecoalf

Ecoalf’s goal is not to be the biggest company in the world, but the best for the environment. 

A registered BCorp, following Ecoalf you can expect to be fed a whole host of ocean escapism and sustainable messaging. You’ll want to check out Ecoalf if you like wearing your values, and sharing them via tshirts with text.

Ecoalf sustainable tshirts online

Ecoalf Instagram

  1. Thinking Mu

If you like bright colors and graphic patterns then Thinking Mu could be the slow fashion brand for you. Add a splash of color to your feed with their product imagery and joyful messaging. Because sustainability isn’t a phase, it’s a movement - that’s here to stay.

Thinking Mu sustainable fashion brand online

Thinking Mu Instagram


  1. Parade

Get cheeky with parade underwear. All about the fun, Parade makes sustainable underwear that is anything but granola. Finding success after a huge micro influencer campaign you can expect to see their underwear on real life people! Shop bras and knickers without getting out of bed.

Parade underwear sustainable bra and panties in fun colors

Parade Instagram

  1. Teddy Locks

Who knew you needed to follow a sock company? Go behind the socks and stock up on tips to lower your footprint. Made in North Carolina from recycled plastic bottles and upcycled textiles you’ve just discovered your new favorite sock company.

Teddy Locks instagram

And there you have it; a handful of fast fashion solutions (a la sustainable fashion brands) on Instagram. Now, choose wisely- because although it's not fast fashion, it is still ast shopping.


By Meg Ahearn

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