I left my dream job as a Wildlife TV Producer to build a company that could help to make a difference, and I truly believe in helping to save our planet, one sock at a time!

I run the company from my home in Oxted, UK and have developed, designed and engineered Teddy Locks, to have the most environmentally friendly supply chain possible.

In order to have the lowest footprint possible, my supply chain is based on access to materials, best practices and transportation emissions. In the UK we are not producing our own fibers, and are extremely limited in spinning, dyeing and production. For these reasons, Teddy Locks are produced in the USA.

From fiber to finishing Teddy Locks travel less than 200 miles in production. The fibers within each sock are sourced from North Carolina and Alabama before being spun, dyed and knit entirely within North Carolina.

This allows for an impossibly low footprint, and a truly conscious product, which is then shipped to me in the UK by sea, direct from coast to coast.

The recycled cotton t-shirts are spun, dyed and woven in North Carolina and then cut and sewn in California, where they are screen printed using water based inks.