• The World's Best Socks

    There are wool socks that keep us warm, bright socks that make us happy and mismatched socks that save the planet.

    And because at Teddy Locks we believe there are no rules when it comes to good sock game (and we love a good sock game) we design our collections so that there’s a combination for every occasion, personality and style. 

    So, socks are great! But, what is it that makes a great sock...

  • What's with the name?

    When the brand was launched, the founder, a brit, was living in the USA. Wanting to produce the socks on US soil - to help keep a low carbon footprint, ensure high ethical standards and guarantee the highest quality - she also wanted to make sure some of her British roots were incorporated in to the brand. And so, Sam looked for British influence to help her name the company.
  • Slowing Down Fast Fashion

    Perhaps surprisingly, it is the fashion industry that is often quoted as being the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. It is a resource and energy intensive sector that relies upon toxic chemicals, exploitation and overconsumption.

    But what we wear can be used to send a message about the values we stand for. So, at Teddy Locks we are providing cleaner alternatives that can help us all lower our footprint. 

  • TV Producer to Sock Production

    For the next ten years I got to travel all over the world, explore parts of the planet I could never have dreamed of, and work with people from all walks of life. I made shows for the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Animal Planet. 

    But things weren’t always as I’d hoped.

    I realised the powers of story-telling were being manipulated and that a different story needed to be told.